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A Window to Tehran 


Recorded and live Video installation of the Sunrise in Tehran, Iran

at Embark Gallery, San Francisco


California College of the Arts, Juries Pick, Thesis Exhibition 2017

MFA Now, Root Division 2017

At ART AND THE 4th DIMENSION, International Symposium on Conceptions of Time, Space and Movement in Art, The International Affairs Office of the College of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, Iran  (January 8 and 9, 2019) 


After my migration to the US, I became interested in the time difference between Tehran and San Francisco. Tehran is twelve hours and thirty minutes into the future and San Francisco is twelve hours and thirty minutes into Tehran’s past. I started to get a sense of the compression of time-space by using technologies as a tool that allows me to connect to my home country live.

Collaborator in Tehran: Shabnam Shivaee 

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