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A Textile Video Installation by Richard Jonathan Nelson

Curated by Shaghayegh Cyrous


February 16 – March 24, 2018


The Anastatica is a resurrection plant that retracts its leaves and lies dormant for years in the absence of water. When hydrated, however, the plant reawakens, born again to the world. Within the practice of hoodoo bathing, Anastatica offers a symbol of possibility and revival. Water and time alike hold potential for cycles of change and the expansion of self through inquiries around rebirth. This connection between the Anastatica and water mirrors a mind bathed in an acute awareness of the passage of time; from submerged consciousness, the possibilities of the present blossom.

Aggregate Space Gallery presents this textile video installation by Richard Jonathan Nelson that creates space for exploring revival, time, and the mental weight of temporal presence. This exhibition focuses on the tidal rhythms of time driven by the endless cycle of birth and death and the zone in between.






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