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Be Yad Ar (Remember)

04:43ms, video, 2020

Found footages from November 15-21, 2019, Iran 


Be Yad Ar is a video in remembrance of Iranians killed during the nationwide civil protests and 6 days of national internet shutdown by Iran's government on November 15- 2, 2019. The demonstrations sparkled to showcase people's frustration toward the %50-%200 increase in fuel prices and brought up various fundamental issues such as endless corruption, absence of social justice, and overall economic meltdown due to the lack of management and the United States sanctions.
People sent out various videos from the situation right after the internet connection. Although Iran's government denied reporting the exact number of deaths and the bodies' identity, the officials reported over 1500 deaths. The protesters' family revealed 592 identities, which at least 23 of the deaths were children between the ages 12-17, that got killed by security forces during the November protests.

Still images from Be Yad Ar video, 2020

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