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Based on a poem from Sohrab Sepehri, The Footsteps Of Water

“I Be here be there- it matters little where I am- the sky belongs to me”, Sohrab Sepehri



Our world today is fragmented by political borders, geographical edges, ethnic lines, linguistic differences, and economical boundaries; however, there is one element that unifies all of humanity and that is the sky. Belong is a collaborative effort between two artists and an architect, (Shaghayegh Cyrous, Samira Davarfara and Maziar Kahali to design a pavilion that showcases the boundlessness, inclusiveness and magnitude of this natural element. We aim to produce a space where in the divided nature of modern life, the viewer can take a moment and experience this unprejudiced and unifying natural element that encompasses all of humanity. We are collecting ‘skies’ from all over the world. With the donation of sky by people all over the world, I am planning to make a shelter for refugees who have had to leave their homelands because of the bad situations in their countries. This project is inspired by a poem written by Sohrab Sepehri where he wrote, “No matter where I am, the sky is mine".

At this time I have gathered more than 400 ‘skies’ or photographs of the sky from different countries and cities throughout the world.

By Shaghayegh Cyrous, Mazyar Kahali, Samira Davarfara, Sepa Sama

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