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Walk in the Future of my Past World

2021, Video, 06m00s

There is general agreement among philosophers that time is continuous, and we do not experience it as stopping and starting. It has an intrinsic direction or order as we all agree that events progress from past to present to future. However, It might have a different perception for me as a refugee. Time is a non-consistent concept. Everything changed, but my memory froze when I left my homeland. I can remember the “time” when I lived there ten years ago with the absence of all memories now in my present. How can I feel, taste, smell, touch, and see in the future of my past? Can my mom walk me through the present and make me experience it as exactly happening for her? Is my feeling the same? Is my experience authentic or unreal? Is time tensed or tenseless? Is the present instant or a duration? Do the past, and the future exist? How about the future of my past?

Still images from Walk in the Future of my Past World, 2021

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