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It was a Moment



I was born in Iran. Then, suddenly, I was taken far away from my homeland. I began to lose my identity and the feeling of joy for every little thing I ever experienced. As I compiled my portfolio, I began to look at what I might find on my hard drive. This hard drive that has taken the place of all the physical photo albums I created back in Iran. Every single moment of my life became part of a tiny black square. I found pictures I took many years ago while I was traveling to different cities with our university in Iran. Traveling with the university was the only chance for me and many other girls to see our country during that time in Iran because of the oppression of society and the authorities. While I looked through more than a thousand pictures, I found one similarity in my pictures, each one “was a moment”. Joyful stealthy moments that could take place between civilization and history, albeit under the supervision of university security. A great feeling of freedom that all people could have even if they are just blinking. 

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