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Mother Tongue Space


A base for a series of performances investigating the possibilities of communication in languages. 2016- Present


Mother Tongue Space examines alternative possibilities of oral communication. Deriving from the creative and emotional potential of speaking in one’s mother tongue, it simply aims to create new, personal bridges built on trust. Nobody is a stranger on an outsider.
The project constitutes of a loose, ongoing series of events, and also acts as a research base in the no-man’s lands of language communication.

by شقایق سیروس and Magdalena Jadwiga Härtelová

Co kdybychom spolu každý mluvili svojí rodnou řečí?
What if we'd talk to each other in our mother tongue?
چطور میشود اگر به زبان مادریمان با هم صحبت کنیم؟

VIP Golden Class Language Breakfast, Jane Addams Hull House Museum, Open Engagement, Chicago, IL


UN Conversation 

UN Plaza, San Francisco, 2016

Critiquing UN 

Language Tour

Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, 2016

In collabration with Arash Fayez's Real People Performs, Real People

Language Therapy 

In Parking lot art fair, Fort Mason, San Francisco, 2016

Language Dinner

In Carpet Garden, CCA, San Francisco, 2016

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