• Shaghayegh Cyrous

What is Our Golden Tool of Communication?

Updated: Jun 15

From The Way We Communicate

Part 3-1

I was supposed to write, and I wrote about my other genius idea of communication as a child. However, before I finished it, I again witnessed two horrible incidents that happened in one day, both in the United States and in Iran that was hard not to discuss it. As an Iranian-American, I feel intimately connected not only to Iran but to both places. While I am gaining more experiences living here in the US for the past nine years, and understanding Iran from another angle, I start comparing people's reactions, and responses to similar incidents in both countries and they people are seeking to find solutions.

Perhaps May 25, 2020, (۱۳۹۹ ‍پنج خرداد) is a day that so many of us in Iran and the US will remember for a long time. Tragically, George Floyd, an African-American man, got killed and lost his breath by white police in Minneapolis, US. While on the same day, in Iran, Romina Ashraf, a 13 years old girl who got unheaded while she was sleeping by her father in the so-called "Honor Killing." It was such sad news that I couldn't stop thinking about it and even breath in the past few days. But I kept thinking about that moment that the father decided to unhead her daughter for his dogma. And that seven minutes, the officer and four other officers who were witnessing him kneeling his foot on Goerge's knee. And the way people responded and reacted to both incidents.

What were Derek Chauvin (Goerge's murderer) and Reza Ashraf (Romina's murderer) thinking? What had happened in those minutes where they couldn't find any other solution? Were these the best solutions they could find? What had happened that they became this ignorant to another being's belief, life, and appearance? Isn't this incident related to the way they communicated and encountered with another person? What were their communication options? How could they not trust the other being, or give them a chance to defend themselves? What is the origin of these communication disorders? What could we do as an individual or collective to communicate enough information for people to open their eyes and come out of their dogmas?

I was tracking people and my reaction to both incidents in the past two days. I was witnessing in the US; people started to share their madnesses, create posters, videos, and started protests against police brutality, which exists in the US for a long time. I was witnessing how in Iran, everyone started sharing their madnesses, feeling how sorry they are on social media, shared Romina's photo.

Though the comparison came on the seconds, I decided to share an image or poster for both events to show my support. The posters and visual content regarding Goerge were terrific and motivational. You see all posters, music, and video and don't consider Goerge as a victim but as a hero who motivates the African-American community and others for standing up stronger than ever to create a change. However, for Romina, I couldn't find any posters, videos, music, or anything motivational. All the published content, even in Iranian feminist social media, showed Romia a victim and an image that you will become sorry. No one yet created anything motivational. Some people are considering Romina's incident as a family issue and not something a whole country should stand up, while at the same time, the father who killed her daughter won't face justice as a murderer because in Islamic Republic of Iran's law the father is owning the daughter and has a right to kill her. Keep this in mind that violence against women in Iran is not new as well and has a long, long history that is also attached to religion like so many other places. The way African- American and Latino communities found a way to stand up for their rights is so inspiring. Although the issues and histories behind each might be different, I think it is essential to consider all injustice manners as a crime, and as something, everyone should stand up for it.

I keep thinking from a different angle and further. What would be the communication tool that we can all use for creating changes? For creating a golden moment for a person to talk about an issue before making any ignorance decision? For a country to change its law and update their beliefs? How does a different communication strategy is playing a pivotal role in creating a change? How can we create the path for awakening?