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Reenacting the Future

Video Installation, 2020,

04:05ms in loop


Reenacting the Future is a video installation by artist Shaghayegh Cyrous in the Bay area in collaboration with her mother in Iran, exploring the desire to reenact an unknown future and the presence using video chat platforms and moving images.


 As one of the primary human connection and communication tools is to activate the five senses, (Touch, Sight, Smell, Taste, Hearing), Shaghayegh and her mother explore this possibility through the desire to communicate by imagining each other's presence in the future at the same physical space, considering their present and absent with their five senses.

The platform screens are also in the shape of two Cedar trees representing the mother and daughter, sternum and gates that are metaphors of long life, strength, the time of future, and the present.

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