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Speak Your Peace
Site-specific mural
With Keyvan Shovir 
San Francisco, CA  

Once upon a time, there was a colorful country. They had culture, knowledge, and happiness. They had four beautiful seasons. People sang and danced all the time. They lived based on good reflection, good deeds, and good words. People were thankful for their God. Rivers were full of water. Love covered the land.

Flowers were growing, trees were green. Birds were singing, clouds were cheered.

Suddenly darkness came from the bridge. It covered the entire country and everything green.

People got frightened, people were crying.

Little by little everything changed. Colors were poisoned, boots were banned. Darkness forced people to cover their hands. Dancing was forbidden.

Three decades passed and people were crushed. Clouds turned to ashes and women were fade.

People were fighting with all their hearts, darkness got powered time after time.


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