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The Green Metal Door



The Green Metal Door is a site-specific installation, installed in a private bathroom with three projectors and sound and is telling the story of Shaghayegh Cyrous's experience as a child spending half an hour every morning in the restroom.


At Concept 190,

190 King StreetSan Francisco, CA 94107



While toilets mainly function as sanitation fixtures used for the storing or disposing of human waste, toilets can also serve to provide private spaces for isolated contemplation and to disconnect from the public. Four new media artists gathered together to create site-regarded video installations to explore their interpretation of the most private of human spaces.

Flush is a site-specific video installation by Abraham Chan, Shaghayegh Cyrous, Kathryn Ian and Ying Zou, happening at Concept 190 TOTO the manufacturer of the "most intelligent toilet" established in 1917. The exhibition is showcasing individual video and sound pieces by the artists in four private bathrooms featuring immersive video projections in each, and the main room with a screening of the artist's work.


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