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The Loop of Life

Photography Performances based on 25 years living in Iran as a woman. 2014



The P5+1 is a group of six world powers which in 2006 joined the diplomatic efforts with Iran with regard to its nuclear program. These negotiations of this group have had a direct effect on the Iranian people inside and outside the country. These negotiations have affected many sanctions such as those dealing with medicine.

The people do not want to have nuclear power because Iran itself has a lot of other energy sources that could be used rather than nuclear power. However, for some reason the government prefers to make its people suffer this unnecessary source of energy. In these years all the products and ingredients became 10 fold of their previous prices. All people are just waiting to see what would be the result of these negotiations. All people`s mind these days are folding with the shadow of the nuclear power.



Grand Ayatollah Taleghani "hijab

is not mandatory" - Ettela'at Daily, March 11, 1979

This content was written in a daily newspaper published in Iran at the beginning of the revolution of the Islamic Republic. This newspaper is among the oldest publications in the country.

They came with the message of peace, stating that Islamic belief was not mandatory but was used to make people think that they are better than the previous Shah, the King of Iran. Before the revolution Iranians could choose if they wanted to wear the hijab or not. In the other part below with smaller font, it said that Iran will just have 33 days food storage which is much more important than the hijab to be on the main title.







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