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This piece was made during the 2013 election for the current president of Iran. At this time Iranians gathered to show their unity against the government that had stolen their votes in the previous election that caused the " Green Movement".

Unity is one of the most important things that can take place in any society. It brings hope, justice, and peace. This is the most important word in the world. We!

June 2013



A collaboration with Taraneh Hemami

For “The project Survival,” at Southern Exposure, San Francisco

I am living in a tiny piece of the world. I have my thoughts, my ideas and my own world. As a part of society I can do whatever I want. I can ignore and I can see. I am growing up in this society. Whether I want to or not, I am part of it. My actions and behaviors are influencing every part of society. Today, “I”, maybe is important to make myself into a strong woman and build my character and identity. Or moreover the most important thing is how to get involved with society so that one will understand what these proverbs mean; “One hand doesn’t have a sound.”, “You can break one stick but you can’t break all of them.”

These two Persian proverbs, that people had used often in their daily routines are now fading due to many new and different stories. “We”, could change any situation by the power of unity. “We”, could bring hope and peace. “We” is the most important word in the world.



99 cents for a joke


I've installed the "We" sculpture with people.

Unity is the most important thing that could take place in any society and would bring hope, justice, and peace. This is the most important word in the world. We!

This sculpture was made from sponge, fabric and acrylic paint.

I've asked people to tell their story of unity. The men pictured here travel through the Bay Area, spending their time telling jokes and getting paid by only pennies. They believe that by telling jokes they can survive and they can also make people laugh for a moment.

Street installation and performances

12x16 inches




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